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We cater for every day fish dishes to bespoke entertaining cuisine!

 Crab & coriander  £4.50

 Smoked Haddock   £3.50

 Cod & pancetta  £4.25

Smoked Mackerel & mustard  £3.50

Smoked Salmon & dill  £4.00

Salmon & caper  £3.50

Tuna, lime & chilli  £4.25

(All fish cakes come in boxes of two, one is enough for a starter, or two for a main per person. We can also provide canapé sizes of above fish cakes, eight to a box)

Fish fingers - Cod or Plaice  £3.00

Fish pie with cod & smoked haddock  £4.25

Cod & chorizo stew  £4.25

Coconut & lime fish curry  £4.25

Whole dressed poached Salmon  £20/ kg

Fillet dressed poached Salmon  £22/ kg

Seafood platter - choose the seafood for your individual taste

Crab salad with spring onions, lime and fresh coriander on a bed of salad leaves

Tuna niscoise - with our sushimi grade fresh tuna

(All platters are individually priced depending on quantity ordered. Platter plates are provided on loan and must be returned asap to our shop in Tisbury)

Dips, Sauces & Salsas to accompany your fish

Mayonnaise 180g  £2.20

Aioli 180g  £2.20

Hollandaise 180g  £2.80

Salsa Verde 65g  £1.40

Chilli & tomato salsa 200g  £2.00

Tomato and fresh herb salsa  200g £2.00




Tuna meatballs in a tomato sauce  £4.25

Haddock, gruyere sauce and spinach bake  £4.50

Creamy fish tagine with fennel & harissa  £4.50

(All are served as portions for one or larger sizes)